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Making effective mental health care more accessible

Our Mission 

There are times for all of us when we do not feel truly understood - especially when going through a highly stressful life event like a loss, a divorce or other challenges life throws at us.

We've built resilio to create a safe and confidential digital space where people facing the same situation can share, listen, and support one another. With guidance from a experienced psychologist, we want you to get better, grow and become more resilient in a safe environment.

We strongly believe psychological support should be available to everyone when they need it is most.


Pull up a chair and join a group of people who understand. 
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resilio (latin, verb) = I leap or spring back; I rebound.

Effective. Digital. Human.

By teaming up with psychologists with expertise in supporting people facing a variety of stressful live events, we ensure our participants receive the best possible care and tools to deal with their situation in a safe digital environment.

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No one should be facing struggles alone. Sharing and listening to others with the same pain or challenge is very therapeutic. We want to provide psychological and emotional support when people need it the most.

― Dr. Karina Isaak & Aminata Conde

resilio Founders

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Our goal

At resilio, we’ve set out to help people take back control of their mental and emotional wellbeing. We’re making it easy and affordable to access effective professional care. We want people to be able to connect on our online platform from anywhere, providing a safe and private space that promotes the ideal setting for growth and support.


Our programs are set up to help people stay happy in the long run by strengthening their resilience. 


Let’s make a difference, together.

If you believe in our mission and would like to support, we would love to hear from you.

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