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Getting over a breakup, separation or divorce

Coping with the end of a relationship and learning to let go

8 weekly sessions of 90 min

Program Price: € 336

About this group

The end of a relationship, either chosen or not, can be particularly painful. If a breakup, separation or divorce was inevitable and you are now feeling overwhelmed or are struggling to find a way out of your heartache and move on. You are not alone.


Come together with others who feel the same in a safe space, receive and give support to each other - with guidance from a psychologist. Together you’ll work on how to overcome this difficult phase, learn to move on and feel happier again.


8 x 90-minute weekly live video sessions



  • Reflection and phases of processing a breakup

  • Recognising and breaking through thinking patterns 

  • Experiencing self-efficacy

  • Identifying emotional triggers and biases

  • Activating resources and using strengths 

  • Strengthening resilience

Risk-free trial

We're sure you'll feel better after joining a group but in case it’s not for you, you can switch to individual sessions or get a refund up to 7 days after your first session.

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but Monday night became special to me because I knew we would come back together as a group and talk. It gave me a lot of strength during the hardest time - it was kind of an anchor for me.

― Sophie, 38, Divorce

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