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Work through your difficult situation with people who understand

Discover all our professional-led support groups

Building resilience to manage stress

Learn to better cope with stressful life situations by strengthening your resilience

Unlocking better sleep

Build healthy long-term sleep habits and achieve more restful sleep

Getting over a breakup, separation or divorce

Coping with the end of a relationship and learning to let go

Navigating a difficult relationship

Coping with relationship problems or struggling to let go.

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but Monday night became special to me because I knew we would come back together as a group and talk. It gave me a lot of strength during the hardest time - it was kind of an anchor for me.

― Sophie, 38, Divorce

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Contact us and we'll answer all your questions and help you pick the right group. If you can't relate to any of these topics, let us know what challenging life event you need support with.

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