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More resilience.
Less stress.

Strengthen your resilience to easier manage stress in an 5-week online program together with a small group of likeminded people and with guidance from an expert in the field.


Online stress prevention and resilience training course


Small group environment

Your group is a safe space to work on your mental health, learn and practice life long skills alongside a supportive group of peers.


Professional Care

Our experienced psychologists are here to help you learn how to strengthen your resilience to easier bounce back from stressful life situations.


Safe and Private

Small groups are curated to create a supportive environment. Join sessions anonymously if you choose and share as much as you feel comfortable with.

Our online course for stress prevention and resilience training

Learn frameworks and tools needed to strengthen your resilience to more easily bounce back from stressful life situations - alongside a supportive group of peers.

Building resilience to manage stress

Learn to better cope with stressful life situations by strengthening your resilience


How resilio can help

Your group helps you…

  • Get emotionally supported to overcome this difficult phase

  • Hear how others are dealing with the same situation 

  • Feel truly heard by people who get it

Your psychologist helps you...

  • Learn coping mechanisms and strengthen your resilience

  • Change old thinking patterns and habits 

  • Gain back a sense of control and feel hopeful again 

 Your online group setting allows you to...

  • Connect anonymously in an online safe space 

  • Open up and experience the most honest version of yourself

  • While staying in the comfort and safety of your home

Meet our psychologists

Our approach to care brings together experienced psychologists with expertise in the respective topic covered in the group session. This ensures our members receive the best possible care and tools to deal with their situation.


Our goal is the highest effectiveness - we’re only satisfied when you get better.

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I am a clinical psychologist with a foundation in Solution Focused Brief therapy and over 14 years work experience. I have worked with adolescents, adults, couples, groups and sport teams. I have also lectured at a prestigious Business School in Barcelona. I seek to work with people’s strengths and resources so that they can thrive and flourish. 

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I’m a clinical psychologist and CBT therapist with several years of experience leading groups and individual sessions in hospitals, rehab centres and private clinics. My philosophy is to encourage and help individuals understand the thoughts and behaviours that interfere with their wellbeing, and help them throughout the process of acceptance, adaptation and change.

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I would like to support you to live a value-led life, to overcome obstacles on the way and to develop an appreciative attitude towards yourself. To do this, I work with scientific methods from cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

I can only recommend this course! It has changed my perspective on how I see and react to different situations. It has also helped me understand what my stress triggers are and how to deal with them.

― Martin, 36, Resilience

How it works

We know you’re having a tough time so we’ve made things very simple:




Tell us about your current situation and a little bit about yourself to be matched to a small group (approx. 5 people) that can relate.

Attend a free one-on-one call with a resilio team member to ensure we understand your needs and offer the best group composition.

Receive weekly care delivered by a psychologist and emotional support from your online group for €168 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a group program help me? How does it compare to individual therapy?

What happens in a group session? How does it work?

Who are the resilio psychologists?

How much does it cost?

I’m a psychologist, how can I join resilio and facilitate group sessions?

More questions or feedback? Contact us at

Make the first step.


We'll be with you every step of the way.

Join now and try your first session - risk free.

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